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Cuddle Buddy Application

Wanna be my cuddle buddy? Well here is your chance to apply! Please review the qualifications and if you are interested just fill out the application and send it back. Could have long term possibilities. :P Please, no references, that would be wierd. :)

1. Must like cuddles - Don't get angry when cuddles means JUST cuddles, however, it may not always have to be just cuddles, but sometimes, it will be only cuddles.
2. Must be cuddley - You must be someone that likes to be held and to hold somebody else.
3. Must like pussy - OK, I could have said that better :P I have a cat and she shares my bed, period.
4. Must like kids - My son is known for waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to cuddle.
5. Warning: Sometimes i move in my sleep, therefore, I may accidently knee you in the balls.






Body type:

Your favorite feature of yourself:

Current relationship status:

Position you normally sleep in:

Do you snore?:

Do you drool?:

Do you steal the blankets?:

Sleep naked?:

Sleep late?:

Need an alarm to wake up?:

Wake up when the alarm goes off?:

Reason for wanting a cuddle buddy:


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